Ms. Jensen goes to City Hall

This Tuesday, Tracy Jensen will be sworn in as Alameda’s newest City Council member.

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United they stand

Hell hath no fury like an Alameda “progressive” spurned.

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The Princes of Alameda

For years, the Merry‑Go‑Round believed that the savviest political operator ever to occupy an office at City Hall was former City Manager John Russo.

But in our estimation Mr. Russo now has got himself a rival for the crown:  City Planner Andrew Thomas.

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We tell it to the judge

The Court:  “Madam Clerk, call the next case.”

The Clerk:  “Yes, Your Honor.  Next on the docket is City of Alameda v. California Department of Housing and Community Development.”

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Sweet home Alameda

The Merry‑Go‑Round always has been unabashedly – and unashamedly – Alameda‑centric.

Whenever we read a story comparing California cities by various metrics, our first instinct is to see whether the City of Alameda is mentioned.  And if it isn’t, we wonder where our hometown would fit in.

Having encountered more than a few such articles recently, we decided to investigate further.  So today’s column will look at two recent reports, one involving municipal fiscal health, the other school test scores.

In each case, there is both good news and bad news for Alameda.

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Where’s the money? Where’s the beef?

Having posted five columns about the upcoming election, the Merry‑Go‑Round intended this week to turn to another topic.  But we couldn’t resist taking at least one more pass at it before November 8.

The questions for discussion today are:

  • Can Jim Oddie get elected to Council again even though he is taking in less money for his campaign than he did in his three previous races?
  • Can Hannah Groce get elected to Council even though she has done little to acquaint voters with her positions on the issues?

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“Chicanery” on Grand Street

For a brief while, it appeared that Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft once again possessed the temerity – some would call it “fortitude” – to veer off the course prescribed by Councilman John Knox White and go her own way. Continue reading

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And then there were three

Read or heard enough already about Council candidates Tony Daysog and Jim Oddie?

Well, we thought you might have.

After all, both have been around quite a while – Mr. Daysog was first elected to Council in 2002, and Mr. Oddie held office for six years before losing his bid for re‑election in 2020 – and both by now are pretty well‑known to the Alameda electorate.

So today the Merry‑Go‑Round will focus on the three other candidates running for Council:  Paul Beusterien, Hannah Groce, and Tracy Jensen.

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The scorecard on Trish Spencer

Here’s your Alameda mayoral campaign quiz for the day:

During the last two years, which candidate has voted in favor of the following “progressive,” pro‑bicycle, and pro‑development proposals brought before City Council:

  • Renaming Jackson Park to Chochenyo Park;
  • Authorizing planning and design work on a bike‑pedestrian bridge over the Oakland estuary;
  • Approving a deal for 509 new units of market‑rate housing at the Encinal Terminals site.

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Our PINO mayor

Thus far, Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft has managed to avoid becoming the target of our local online insult comedians.

The “progressive” bloggers and commenters have spent their time discovering new (or dredging up old) sins committed by Trish Spencer and Tony Daysog and criticizing the color choices of first-time candidate Paul Beusterian.  As a result, they’ve overlooked the opportunity to fabricate barbs against the sitting mayor.

The Merry-Go-Round is here to help.

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