Their first time

If either Gig Codiga or Amos White wins election to Council this November, he will have achieved a feat remarkable in recent Alameda political history:  Victory by a candidate who has never appeared on any Council ballot before and who wasn’t backed by union money.

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Decisions for the next Council

Unlike the presidential election, the race for Alameda City Council has yet to be described as “existential.”

Nevertheless, the Council elected this November will be called upon to make decisions in a number of areas that will affect the well-being of the city and its residents for some time to come.

Today, we’ll talk about three of them.

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The difference between Oddie and Vella

At first glance, Jim Oddie and Malia Vella, the current Council members running for reelection, might seem to be two peas in a pod.

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A question for the candidates

None of the four groups sponsoring Council candidate forums so far has asked the Merry-Go-Round to supply a question, so we’re hoping that someone from the one remaining sponsor, the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, will be willing to pose this question for us at its forum on October 8:

So what do you think about what happened to SB 899?

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The candidates and Measure Z

Suppose you’re one of those “single-issue” voters who will cast her ballot for only those candidates who take the “right” side on a specific issue.  This being Alameda, suppose that issue is Measure Z, the ballot measure to repeal Article XXVI of the City Charter.

So which Council candidates – there are two seats up for election – do you vote for this November?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as one might suspect.

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The Measure Z showdown

Those who watched the recent debate between Vice Mayor John Knox White and Alameda Citizens Task Force steering committee member Paul Foreman on Measure Z, the ballot measure to repeal Article XXVI of the City Charter, were treated to a classic performance by Mr. Knox White.

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So what are you doing for Labor Day?

Suppose you want to take a stroll down the crowded pedestrian path along the shoreline this Labor Day weekend without wearing a face covering.

Or suppose you’d like to join the pick-up soccer game being played by unmasked athletes on a City-owned field.

Or suppose, when you go to the store to stock up on groceries after the stroll or the game, you put on a face covering – but you take it off as soon as you get inside and then saunter through the aisles past other shoppers.

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New housing for the homeless – in Alameda

One of the first projects funded by the state’s “Project Homekey” program, created to provide permanent supportive housing for homeless people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, may open right here in Alameda.

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The Democratic convention (Alameda version)

The Merry-Go-Round faced a difficult choice Wednesday night:

Should we tune into day three of the Democratic national talk show and watch Elizabeth, Hillary, and a host of other Trump trashers and Biden backers?  Or should we sign into the Zoom meeting of the City of Alameda Democratic Club and listen to Malia, Jim, and their three challengers for the Alameda City Council?

Of course, you know which choice we made.

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Test case

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The City of Alameda would “partner” with a company called CityHealth Urgent Care, which runs urgent-care facilities in Oakland and San Leandro, to offer testing for the coronavirus at the Research Park complex at Marina Village.

The site would be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  No appointments would be necessary.

Testing would be free, paid for by insurance for those who had it and by the federal government for those who didn’t.

And, best of all, the results would be available in 15 minutes.

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