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Unto the breach for Mr. Knox White

Maybe it’s because we just got back from Ashland, but every time we think of John Knox White and his nascent campaign for Council, a scene from Henry V flashes before our eyes.

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“Progressives” and Prop. 10

At first glance, it might seem easy for any Alamedan who identifies herself as a “progressive” to decide to back Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act and permit cities to enact rent-control ordinances covering all rental properties within … Continue reading

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Where the money’s coming from

The Merry Go-Round has reviewed the first batch of campaign disclosure statements filed by the candidates for Alameda mayor, city council, and school board.

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The “nexus” between market-rate and affordable housing

Today we submit for your consideration the following heresy: The market-rate residential developments approved or proposed for Alameda aren’t going to solve the problem of the shortage of affordable housing in the City.  In fact, if anything, they’re going to … Continue reading

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Is the rent stabilization ordinance working?

The results of our study conclude that Alameda’s rent stabilization ordinance appears to be having the desired effect on the rental housing market, namely to discourage relocating existing tenants to gain higher rent from new tenants, provide financial assistance to … Continue reading

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The NBA comes to City Hall

The next time Stephan Curry visits Alameda City Hall during a Council meeting – after finishing his round at the new Corica Park south course – he’ll see a familiar sight if he looks at the big screen behind the … Continue reading

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A half-sense sales-tax increase

If you like the way the Alameda City Council has been spending the taxpayers’ money for the last several years, the Merry-Go-Round has got a deal for you: Just vote for the sales-tax-increase measure expected to be placed by Council … Continue reading

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