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Council’s slush fund

Our topic today is the residual fund balance in excess of policy or fund balance deficits in the General Fund. Sound boring? We thought so.  What if we called it, “Alameda City Council’s slush fund”? Ah, now we’ve got your … Continue reading

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The RHNA and the real world

Everyone knows (as the saying goes) that the City of Alameda was the first Bay Area city (and, out of 109 cities, one of only two so far) to get its 2023-31 Housing Element certified by the State Department of … Continue reading

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Sounds like a plan

The City of Alameda loves its strategic plans. At least the staff who propose them and the Council members who vote for them do. And the consultants who get paid to prepare them can’t be too unhappy, either.

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Ms. Jensen goes to City Hall

This Tuesday, Tracy Jensen will be sworn in as Alameda’s newest City Council member.

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United they stand

Hell hath no fury like an Alameda “progressive” spurned.

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The Princes of Alameda

For years, the Merry‑Go‑Round believed that the savviest political operator ever to occupy an office at City Hall was former City Manager John Russo. But in our estimation Mr. Russo now has got himself a rival for the crown:  City … Continue reading

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We tell it to the judge

The Court:  “Madam Clerk, call the next case.” The Clerk:  “Yes, Your Honor.  Next on the docket is City of Alameda v. California Department of Housing and Community Development.”

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Sweet home Alameda

The Merry‑Go‑Round always has been unabashedly – and unashamedly – Alameda‑centric. Whenever we read a story comparing California cities by various metrics, our first instinct is to see whether the City of Alameda is mentioned.  And if it isn’t, we … Continue reading

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Where’s the money? Where’s the beef?

Having posted five columns about the upcoming election, the Merry‑Go‑Round intended this week to turn to another topic.  But we couldn’t resist taking at least one more pass at it before November 8. The questions for discussion today are: Can … Continue reading

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“Chicanery” on Grand Street

For a brief while, it appeared that Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft once again possessed the temerity – some would call it “fortitude” – to veer off the course prescribed by Councilman John Knox White and go her own way.

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