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The top 14 list

The Climate Action and Resiliency Plan adopted by Council on September 3 comes with a bonus:  It includes a map (with accompanying table) that purports to identify the 14 most “socially vulnerable” neighborhoods in the city.

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CARPe diem

Show of hands, please:  How many of you actually have read all 173 pages of the “Climate Action and Resiliency Plan” that Council approved last Tuesday? All right, Vice Mayor John Knox White, you can put your hand down. Anyone … Continue reading

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Our next new fire station

Here we go again.

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Mailing it in

If you’re an Alameda property owner, you got in the mail a day or so ago a four-page document from the City of Alameda entitled, “Notice of Public Hearing/2019 Water Quality and Flood Protection Fee.” And you may well have … Continue reading

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Preventing homelessness in Alameda

When the initial report of the “point-in-time” count of the homeless population in Alameda County was released last May, one fact garnered all the headlines: County-wide, the number of homeless persons had risen from 5,629 in 2017 to 8,022 in … Continue reading

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City already paid $40,000+ in legal fees for Charter violators

For those of our readers who are distressed by the prospect that Council will accede to the demand by the two Council members found to have violated the City Charter, Jim Oddie and Malia Vella, that the City pay the … Continue reading

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Playing the Trump card

A heads up to the Alameda voters who made Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft mayor and put John Knox White and Tony Daysog on Council:  Watch carefully how the politicians you voted for handle the fallout from the Alameda County Civil Grand … Continue reading

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