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What price progress?

Probably our favorite moment during presidential candidate debates occurs when the moderator asks a politician who’s just proposed a wonderful new program:  “What’s it going to cost?  How are you going to pay for it?” Ironically (or maybe not), the … Continue reading

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Who’s wrong? This time, not us

One of the many reasons the Merry-Go-Round never will be invited to join the Inner Ring is that we’re willing to acknowledge, albeit begrudgingly, that we’re not always right. We always have pooh-poohed the proposition – accepted as an article … Continue reading

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Not such a capital idea

As we pointed out in our last column, the theory underlying the rent ordinance to be voted on by Council next Tuesday is that the City can discourage landlords from engaging in activities to which tenants object by making it … Continue reading

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Libertarian paternalism comes to Alameda

If Council passes the proposed rent ordinance drafted by staff next week, Alameda will embark upon an experiment – unique among Bay Area cities – in “libertarian paternalism.”

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