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For years, the Merry-Go-Round has been speculating about whether the City of Alameda would try to convince the federal government to “bust the cap” that restricted residential development at Alameda Point to 1,425 new housing units. Well, it turns out … Continue reading

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The “police reform” subcommittees speak

The recommendations by the five subcommittees appointed by the “Committee on Police Reform & Racial Justice” are now out. Although the subcommittees urge that the police department’s staffing and budget “should be maintained only at the level necessary to properly … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Edmond Rodriguez?

Edmond Rodriguez, who was appointed Alameda fire chief after former City Manager Jill Keimach refused to bow to a pressure campaign to force her to give the position to the candidate selected by the Alameda firefighters’ union, has retired after … Continue reading

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“Defund” APD?

According to City Manager Eric Levitt, the long-awaited draft recommendations of the “police reform” subcommittees appointed last October are due to be made public later this month. Alamedans thus will know very shortly whether any of the five subcommittees, which … Continue reading

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