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One for the road

If departing Councilman Jim Oddie and his re-elected colleague, Councilwoman Malia Vella, get their way, Mr. Oddie will be able to do one more favor for organized labor before he leaves office. The beneficiaries will be the construction trades unions … Continue reading

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Election stories you might have missed

As the Merry-Go-Round was cleaning out our files on the local election, we came across a few stories that never made it into the Alameda Sun:

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A post-mortem on Measure Z

Going into the November 3 election, there seemed to be no way that Measure Z, the ballot measure to repeal the City Charter provision prohibiting multi-family housing and limiting residential density, could lose:

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Repeat offenders

The Merry-Go-Round recently has seen two dramatically different ways of debating the appropriate method for determining the number of new housing units that should be assigned to the City of Alameda in the next “planning cycle.” One approach is that … Continue reading

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Money to burn

The November 2020 election will truly be a record-setting one in Alameda. And, no, we’re not talking about voter turnout, which may set a record of its own. Instead, we’re referring to the amount of money the Alameda firefighters’ union … Continue reading

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