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Closed sessions, closed mind

This was going to be a primarily informational column about which of your neighbors Council selected to make recommendations about who should be appointed as Alameda’s new city manager. We’ll save that report for the end.  But, as we found … Continue reading

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Traffic congestion? Who cares?

For those Alamedans whose major concern about new residential development projects arises from their potential impact on traffic congestion at the tubes and bridges, the planners working for State government have a message: It doesn’t really matter.

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Alternatives to rent control

Democracy, Winston Churchill once told the House of Commons, is the worst form of government – except for all the others. Can something similar be said about rent control?

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Get me rewrite!

Longer than a Wagner opera. Harder to follow than a Faukner novel. Less definitive than a Beckett play. We could go on, but we’re sure our readers realize by now that we’re talking about last Tuesday/Wednesday’s Council meeting devoted to … Continue reading

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Rent control, Alameda-style

When Council directed City staff last November to prepare an ordinance imposing rent control in Alameda, our elected officials probably expected to see a proposed law modeled on the rent control ordinances already enacted by seven other Bay Area cities. … Continue reading

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