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Council pays off DelBono

At a closed session meeting last Tuesday, Council decided to pay $21,535 to former Alameda firefighters’ union president Jeff DelBono to get rid of a claim he filed against the City last year alleging that then-Councilwoman, now Mayor, Marilyn Ezzy … Continue reading

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Lace on the gloves and put up your hands

Let’s get ready to rumble! Those of our readers who like to watch a good fight between the public-spirited impulses of the citizenry and the self-protective instincts of the bureaucracy ought to tune in Tuesday night to watch the latest … Continue reading

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Campaign quiz

One of our favorite columnists, Gail Collins, occasionally presents her Saturday column in the New York Times in the form of a multiple-choice quiz. Today, the Merry-Go-Round will follow Ms. Collins’s lead, but we’ll confine ourselves to three questions.  The … Continue reading

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Battle of Midway

Tonight, Council will hold a special meeting at which the four finalists vying to be selected to develop the “West Midway” site at Alameda Point will make presentations. Slideshows of proposed designs are banned.  Instead, expect to hear the presenters … Continue reading

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