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We tell it to the judge

The Court:  “Madam Clerk, call the next case.” The Clerk:  “Yes, Your Honor.  Next on the docket is City of Alameda v. California Department of Housing and Community Development.”

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HCD approves Housing Element draft

Ever since City Planner Andrew Thomas began working on a draft of the 2023‑31 Housing Element for the City of Alameda, he has made clear that his goal is to prepare a document that the state Department of Housing and … Continue reading

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HCD speaks

On the afternoon of November 29, there appeared in the email inbox of City Planner Andrew Thomas, the staffer responsible for drafting the City’s Housing Element for the next eight‑year planning cycle, a letter signed by Paul McDougall of the … Continue reading

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Measure A: tell it goodbye?

If Council makes all of the zoning changes proposed by the draft Housing Element presented to the Planning Board last Monday, Alamedans won’t need two hands to be able to count the number of areas in the city that remain … Continue reading

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Great expectations

During his successful campaign, Governor Gavin Newsom pledged that he would “lead the effort” to develop 3.5 million new housing units in California by 2025. After the election, State Senator Scott Wiener re-introduced a bill that, its proponents say, will … Continue reading

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