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Missing the Point

Ever since City Planner Andrew Thomas released the first draft of his plan for enabling the City to meet the 5,353‑housing‑unit quota assigned to it by the regional planning authorities, there’s been a lot of talk about getting the federal … Continue reading

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Battle of Midway

Tonight, Council will hold a special meeting at which the four finalists vying to be selected to develop the “West Midway” site at Alameda Point will make presentations. Slideshows of proposed designs are banned.  Instead, expect to hear the presenters … Continue reading

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Just what we need: more market-rate housing!

Monday night, the Planning Board will hear about two new residential development proposals that, if they’re approved and implemented in the next seven years, will end up increasing by 50 per cent the number of new housing units built in … Continue reading

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TDM’s first test

Back in January 2009, the City adopted a Transportation Element requiring developers to adopt “transportation demand management” programs designed to reduce the additional “peak hour” traffic generated by new commercial developments by 30 per cent and new residential developments by … Continue reading

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The one per cent solution

“This leakage of sales tax from Alameda residents to surrounding communities is a major cause of the City’s financial crisis.” So saith City Manager John Russo in a “letter to the editor” distributed to the local papers and blogs (alas, … Continue reading

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