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Round and round we’ll go

We have to confess that, when we first heard that the City intended to build four “roundabouts” along a 1.7-mile stretch of Central Avenue, our initial reaction was to shudder.

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They like bikes

Last week, as we pedaled behind the new white tricycle along its 14‑mile route across the island, we saw that signs had gone up at the corner of Versailles and Central Avenues announcing that Versailles was “closed to thru traffic.”  … Continue reading

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Getting from here to there

We’ve now watched Alameda Point Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Ott give her presentation about Alameda transportation issues three times this year, once to the Planning Board and Transportation Commission, once to Council, and once at a League of Women Voters … Continue reading

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A “Plan” for Alameda Point

Want to know how many housing units should be planned for Alameda Point? You can ask City staff and you’ll get one answer:  the 1,425 units contemplated by the Community Reuse Plan (at least for now). You can ask housing … Continue reading

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