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Hold your horses

In the ongoing effort to prepare a Housing Element covering the next eight years, one might well conclude that the time has come to break out the champagne:  City Planner Andrew Thomas and his staff, it appears, have managed to … Continue reading

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Be it not resolved

If City Planner Andrew Thomas was merely asking Council next Tuesday to bless his intent to employ a “multi‑family overlay” to meet the City’s RNHA quota during the next eight-year planning period, the agenda item almost could have gone on … Continue reading

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Sealed lips, closed minds

To a small “d” democrat like the Merry-Go-Round, it seems indisputable that those who support a Council candidate at the polls have the right to expect that, once in office, the candidate actually will take a position and cast a … Continue reading

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Vella and Oddie: A case of hubris

The Merry-Go-Round wasn’t really surprised that Councilwoman Malia Vella and her faithful sidekick, Councilman Jim Oddie, didn’t take our advice and push for the selection of a woman or person of color as Alameda’s next fire chief.  After all, we … Continue reading

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Our own Mitch McConnells

The Merry-Go-Round wasn’t surprised when the leftist/labor Triumvirate now in control of Council – Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Jim Oddie, and Malia Vella – voted down the two Alameda businessmen tapped to fill the open seats on the Planning Board. After … Continue reading

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Just who do these Council members think they are?

Boy, the Inner Ring really doesn’t like it when one of our elected Council members dares to dispute a determination made by the appointed Planning Board about a proposed development project. At a minimum, the offender must have her wings … Continue reading

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Just what we need: more market-rate housing!

Monday night, the Planning Board will hear about two new residential development proposals that, if they’re approved and implemented in the next seven years, will end up increasing by 50 per cent the number of new housing units built in … Continue reading

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Ban single-family homes? You’ve got to be kidding!

Bring out the cellos.  It’s time – yet again – to begin playing the dirge for Measure A, the voter-adopted City Charter amendment prohibiting multi-family housing and capping residential density at 21 units per acre. If the City planners have … Continue reading

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They just won’t give up!

If you were one of those who would have liked to see Dania Alvarez re-appointed to the Planning Board, there was a simple argument available to be made: Once appointed, a board or commission member who performs her duties competently … Continue reading

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The Donald comes to Alameda

Maybe the Merry-Go-Round has been watching too many cable news shows, but we started to wonder:  What if the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination brought his unique approach to public policy to Alameda?  It might go something like … Continue reading

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