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The new state housing bills and Alameda

At first glance, it might seem that two bills recently passed by the state legislature and now awaiting signature by the governor will further eviscerate the strictures placed by the Alameda City Charter on residential development in the city. After … Continue reading

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Crashing symbols

Those who have been striving to put before Alameda voters a ballot measure repealing Measure A in its entirety – not just its prohibition of multi-family housing but also its restriction on residential density – will get their last chance … Continue reading

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Bashing Measure A

In anticipation of the “public forum” on Measure A at the January 13 Planning Board meeting, the City has posted on its website a paper written by Planning, Building and Transportation Director Andrew Thomas that he describes as an “evaluation” … Continue reading

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How dense do they think we are?

Head’s up, ye dwindling band of diehard defenders of Measure A:  The “Town Center” at Alameda Point is going to be chock full of the type of high-density, multi-family housing expressly banned by the City Charter – and no one … Continue reading

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