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Alameda’s favorite Uncle

The Merry-Go-Round knows better than to interject ourselves into the debate over the best way to protect the City of Alameda and its residents from Donald Trump and the Republican party. We’re confident that our Council members will pass a … Continue reading

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Paging Ms. Albuquerque!

Thank goodness the taxpayers of Alameda have Mayor Marie Gilmore and Vice Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft around to protect them from the shortsightedness of the supporters of open space! This spring, the open-space advocates managed to get 6,437 signatures on … Continue reading

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SLAPP-happy in Alameda

Last week, the City issued a press release touting its litigation victory over former Fire Chief Dave Kapler and rubbing the former chief’s nose in the result.  The release crowed that Kapler had “learned the hard way” that messing with … Continue reading

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