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Sounds like a plan

The City of Alameda loves its strategic plans. At least the staff who propose them and the Council members who vote for them do. And the consultants who get paid to prepare them can’t be too unhappy, either.

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The scorecard on Trish Spencer

Here’s your Alameda mayoral campaign quiz for the day: During the last two years, which candidate has voted in favor of the following “progressive,” pro‑bicycle, and pro‑development proposals brought before City Council: Renaming Jackson Park to Chochenyo Park; Authorizing planning … Continue reading

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Electrifying Alameda

Attention, Alameda homeowners, apartment‑building owners, and renters: The City of Alameda wants you, sooner rather than later, to get rid of your appliances and heating equipment powered by natural gas and replace them with devices powered by electricity. If you … Continue reading

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Stimulus for Alameda

Imagine, if you will, the following scene: In-person Council meetings now are allowed. The five elected officials, and staff, are sitting, masked and six feet apart, on the dais. The doors to Council chambers burst open, and in comes Vice … Continue reading

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Bashing Measure A

In anticipation of the “public forum” on Measure A at the January 13 Planning Board meeting, the City has posted on its website a paper written by Planning, Building and Transportation Director Andrew Thomas that he describes as an “evaluation” … Continue reading

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Water, water everywhere (and nowhere)

When we were reviewing the recently approved Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, the Merry-Go-Round discovered something that, at first glance, appeared rather startling: The CARP states that its recommended “adaptation” measures are based on the assumption that Alameda will experience … Continue reading

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The top 14 list

The Climate Action and Resiliency Plan adopted by Council on September 3 comes with a bonus:  It includes a map (with accompanying table) that purports to identify the 14 most “socially vulnerable” neighborhoods in the city.

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CARPe diem

Show of hands, please:  How many of you actually have read all 173 pages of the “Climate Action and Resiliency Plan” that Council approved last Tuesday? All right, Vice Mayor John Knox White, you can put your hand down. Anyone … Continue reading

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